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Want a broody alpha with a serious "touch her and die" complex? We got you.

Aliens? Monsters? And Shifters?? OH MY!

Stuff so spicy it got booted off that "other" subscription platform? YUP.

Take a stroll through the authors listed below and click through on the links to go to their Ream pages where you can FREE FOLLOW them. When you sign up to FREE FOLLOW, you'll receive each author's promo code to claim your free month in one of their Ream tiers!

And oh, did I mention the giveaway??

Because we KNOW its hard to choose, every code redemption enters you to win a subscription to every authors' Ream Stories Page for six months. Yes, that's right, one lucky duck will get six months of all the glorious why choose adventures you could dream of.

How does it work?

Check the list of authors below, click over to their Ream Stories page and give them a follow for free. Once you're following, you'll receive their promo code for a free month's subscription in one of their tiers!

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Every promo code you redeem is an entry into the give away. The winner will be announced at the end of February.

So what the heck is Ream Stories?

Ream is a subscription platform, much like Patreon, but for authors created by authors. For a monthly fee, you'll be supporting your favorite authors and will get access to their community space. You'll find everything from nonfiction, thrillers, horror and of course, romance.

Who are the participating Why Choose authors?

Amy Nova

Paranormal Romance, Omegaverse, Why Choose Romance

One Free Month on the Sexy Tier with instant access to “Ruined Alphas” bonus novella, “Knot Your Coloring Book” adult omegaverse themed coloring book, and “Why Cruise" chapters 1-3. Use promo code "WhyChoose24".

Stephanie Swann

RH, Poly, Spicy, Contemporary and PNR

One month free, any tier. Physical goods will be shipped in month 2 of an active subscription.


Calista Jayne

MFM Romance with Daddy Kink

One month free at the Babydolls tier, which includes access to Their Babydoll, Ouch! My Vampire Doms Keep Biting Me, and Daddies’ Little Troublemaker.

Laura Navarre

Extra-spicy, extra-shifty, wild & witchy why-choose romance

Get whisked away from your unmagical day with one enchanted month of free access to Common Magics 101

Enter promo code ICARUSACADEMY for your Open Sesame to Common Magics 101 and unlock this spicy secret adventure

Exclusively yours in the Witching World.

Renee Wittman

Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

One free month of either my Gimme the Audiobooks Tier or my Gimme the eBooks Tier for my current work in progress. Audiobook currently running is Still Water. The WIP that will start in February is Fae Alchemy


Samantha Seabrook

adult romance & romantasy

Aly Tatum

Spicy, dark & sometimes fluffy SciFi/Alien/PNR RH

If you like your Why Choose / Reverse Harem stories with an MM twist, use the code: MORELOVE to get one month free of the Silver Tribe tier. You will get an instant copy of The Cyborg Universe, and new chapters for its sequel, The Monster Universe starting February 14.

Mona Black

Reverse Harem and omegaverse – paranormal, fantasy and contemporary romance stories

One Free Month on the high “Hunkville Resident” Tier with instant access to my current work in progress (in edits) “Gigi and the Gym Rats” standalone novel, as well as “Bee and the Honey Crew” from my backlist - both contemporary RH omegaverse in The Candyverse universe.

Adonia Kane

Romantic and Mind Control Erotica -

Free Follow my Ream page for instant, free access to my sample story: RISING PERSUASION. Your free follow also gives you access to my exclusive promo code for a free month in my EARLY ACCESS tier with at least two additional stories during the month of February!

Maria Warren

Slowburn Paranormal Why Choose Romances Focusing on the Woman with an Anime Flair
Followers get access to a previous book, Fate's Pawn: Four Horsemen, and access to its sequel with weekly updates Fate's Pawn: Five Jewels

Cerelia Wolf

PNR, Why Choose and more

The promo code VALENTINEWOLF will give you one months free access to the Early Access tier

Heather Hallow

Sex. Blood. Magic. MM+ spicy PNR/UF with vampires, shifters, catpeople and more

Follow my Ream page for a promo code for one month free of the Feature Acts tier. Followers receive free access to Humans Are Overrated story hop shorts and much more.

Stay on as a subscriber and you will receive a special mail out from TCR club, for a limited time only!

Willow Bern

Why Choose PNR, Kink & Erotica. I write worlds worth getting lost in. All it takes to enter them is to follow me on Ream. Once you are there, I will tempt you deeper with a promo code for a free month of my Reese Cups Tier.

Read the first book in my Werebear series on me, In the Woods, Bears. (A 2022 Maggie Finalist) Dip your toe into my kinky stuff. Download some adult coloring pages. Come on over. I have bears for you!

S.M. Gilley


Lilla Bell

Erotica: Sweet, Spicy, and a Little Taboo

Use code FEBXOXO for One Month Free In The Library.

Demona Maxwell

Romance/PNR/Erotica FFM & MFFM

Thank you for choosing me. By following my page you will have access to the first three chapters of each of my novels, like Fated to the Queen, a reverse harem shifter romance. Plus you get notifications when I publish new content. But don't worry if you want more there’s one month free of my Cuddling Mood Tier. Curl up with my reverse harem bdsm erotica - Are you Ready to Play? Or try a sample of my why-choose strangers to lovers drama - Anything for Lola. I hope you enjoy. 

Love, Demona Maxwell.

Miranda K. Darq

PNR RH, urban fantasy, horror

Easily Distracted Media

Inclusive and diverse stories

You get one month free at the Swoony Readers tier, a tier full of Reverse Harem goodness. This includes immediate access to the first two novellas of Lughnasadh Elite Academy (queer paranormal Reverse Harem) and the first two novellas of Scarred Cliff (queer contemporary Reverse Harem), plus two new chapters per week of both.

Follow the page and find the code in the community posts, together with a quick guide on how to apply the code during checkout!

Sophie Dyer

Mafia RH/MM, Dark Romance

One month free on The Associate Tier. Includes current WIPs and bonus chapters.

Use promo code: Valentine24

Aja Lace

Apocalyptic, Paranormal, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller, and Dark Romance.

In a place where love is entwined with shadows, a twisted romance emerges, defying conventions and exploring the allure of forbidden desires.

Zelda Knight & Amaya Crown

Spicy Diverse Romance

Use the discount code NEWCITIZEN for one month free as a KNIGHT in my
GUILD to enter a world of swoon-worthy romances populated by sexy femme fatales, alien barbarians, dashing shifters, and rugged alphas.

Alijah Sawyer

PNR, RH, erotica, shifters

Alijah Sawyer is creating all the sweet stories she imagines herself in, come and join the fun!

M.Q. Barber

Contemporary BDSM menage romance with a cozy-spicy attitude

M.Q. Barber is creating a lively BDSM scene filled with people striving to do right by each other even when life is crashing down around them.

EJ Frost

Kinky Murder Mysteries - Contemporary, PNR, and Scifi

EJ Frost is creating exclusive content for fans and giving early access to her steamy, suspenseful worlds

Rhiannon Futch

Why Choose Paranormal Vampire Romance

Rachel Roy

Fantasy romance

PG Forte

Contemp, Fantasy, PNR, MF, MM, FF, Why Choose

PG Forte is creating magical worlds where the lines between fantasy and reality are just a little blurry.

Kelly Lord

PNR, Poly, RH, Contemp, Biker, Fantasy, Monster, MM, Dark, Sweet, Erotic

If you love stories about hunky howlers, beastly bikers, monsters that go hump in the night, human heroes, and sizzling poly stories, you are one click away from a steamy treat. Use code: VALENTINE