Ruined Alphas

Ruined Alphas by Amy Nova book cover. Omegaverse, why choose, MMFMM, reverse harem, contemporary paranormal romance novel.

The PoisonVerse is a shared universe created by Marie Mackay. It is a series of interconnected but stand-alone why choose Omegaverse novels, novellas and shorts created by multiple authors. Inside the PoisonVerse, you'll find dark and twisty tales, steamy scenes that lean to the dark side. Always check the content warning!

Both! Ruined Alphas is a stand-alone novel in a shared universe. All the books in the PoisonVerse share the same rules and you'll find characters and events that cross over from book to book.

Ok, think werewolves that don't become werewolves. Omegaverse books play on pack dynamics and biological need. Society is split into alphas, omegas, and betas and based on your designation your biology and personality have different elements. Betas are the average Joe. They tend to make up the majority of society. Alphas are, well, alpha, they tend to be mostly male (although female alphas do exist). They tend to be aggressive and dominate. Omegas are they opposite. Mostly female, they have a need to be protected. Look, I'm not going to lie, omegaverse plays on some stereotypes of what "masculine" and "feminine" look like in society and the roles of men and women. Why? Because it makes for some hot sex.

Ruined Alphas is a why choose omegavese. First up, you know you’re about to read a book written by an adult for adults, right? OK Cool, cool, let’s get to it. “Why choose” is the language I prefer to use when dealing with intimate relationships multiple people, because as I see it, everyone gets to choose love. Oh, and everyone is queer. There’s discussion about childhood trauma and abuse, violence against women, and abuse by high control groups, trafficking (these topics are discussed and explored with limited graphic depictions on page). Discussion of food being withheld or used as punishment may be distressful if disordered eating is distressful for you. There is a mass casualty event with limited graphic depictions. No abuse happens between love interests on page. Other things that may be stressful… broken kneecaps, amnesia, concussions and broken ribs, waffle denial, pack brothers doing some fuckery for the greater good, really bad cocktails, ruthless sluts and a sunshine psychopath.

A peek into Ruby's Happily Every After... with some bumps in the road.

An Adult coloring book inspired by Cross and Ruby from Ruined Alphas 

Not every scene made the cut! Read what didn't make it into the book!

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Accidental Vampire

Accidental Vampire by Amy Nova. Why choose, slow burn vampire romance.

Accidental Vampire will be a duology or a trilogy. It is set in a much larger universe with witches and shifters. There will be more books in the series!

This is a book written by an adult, for adults. It is for an 18+ audience. There is sex and violence and you should assume everyone is queer unless directly noted. It is a vampire book. People get bitten. People die. There is a lot of blood. Specific topics that are dealt with that you should be aware of: Job loss, death, dying, violence, chronic illness, grieving, and emotional and physical abuse in various forms. There are some consent issues at play (I am not talking about "dub con" or "CNC" in sexual relations). There is no physical abuse between love interests on the page. However, there are toxic elements to relationships and a lot of emotional manipulation by, um, pretty much everyone. This is a slow burn romance, that will become "why choose".

Accidental Vampire by Amy Nova. Why choose, slow burn vampire romance.