October Books of the Month

October Books of the Month

Here are some great reads for you to check out for September 2023!

Knot Letting You Go by Lucy Scott Bryan

I wanted them. They wanted me. We all wanted each other. But…

Years later, I’m a completely different person, returning home with my new alpha to pack. First though, I have to put an end to what the boys from my past started.

Fate though has other ideas about us being finished. Chance meetings, half truths and my impending heat make for interesting times. And the advice from my girls, about who I let into my heart and body, is as confusing as it sounds.

But what if we did get it all wrong? Like everything?

I guess I’m about to find out. Because when I find myself alone again, alphas that smell like falling rain, hot cinnamon donuts and campfire, who make pretty promises about not letting me go again might be the only ones that can save me from the tragedy of our past.

Shay's Awakening by Bre Rose

Raised by the strictest of parents, I was never allowed to enjoy my childhood.

A chance encounter on my high school graduation night leaves me with the greatest gift of my life but a conversation I overhear has me fleeing the only home I’ve ever known.

Ten years later and down on my luck, I run to aid of my best friend, in a town with men I can’t help but be drawn to.

I find a supernatural world I never knew existed. With my relationship with these men growing stronger and my health declining, I find myself smack dab in the middle of a century old prophecy centered around the survival of magic.

When ghosts from my past resurface, my world is thrown into chaos.

Choices will need to be made, but will they be the right one.

The Last Rose by Kitt Lynn


When I was young, just before I presented as an omega, a boy in my class told me I was pretty. His cheeks flamed red as he held his breath, waiting for me to respond. I giggled, covering my mouth, the way little girls do when silly things happen.

His eyes went dark as I continued to laugh.

Then he stomped off, calling me nasty names.

I never understood why boys acted like that. They do silly things, then get angry when you smile.

But the thing I remember the most about that moment was it was the last time I felt normal. A few weeks later, during a fancy dinner party, men broke into my parents' house and killed everyone.

They all died. My family, their friends, the staff, even those awful men that tried to take me away. And the only thing that scares me more than what happened that night, is being forced to explain why I was the only one to survive.

This is a love story between a broken omega and her pack of not so good guys.

Knot My Match by Jay Black

Why has life come to meeting people on the internet?

My dream was always to meet someone organically. Yes, I’m aware real life isn’t some RomCom with a meet cute with some amazing person. This is why, after finally admitting just how lonely I am, I’ve decided to do what it takes to actually meet someone.

The actual process of downloading the dating app feels– well doesn’t matter because I’m doing it anyway.

I keep my options fairly open as I set up my profile and am happily surprised when I’m matched to Joey the first night. So thrilled and excited in fact, that like teenagers, we stay up far too late talking. When he asks me out I say yes without hesitation.

Out of an abundance for safety, we agree to make use of the LuvNotes building, you never really know with people on the internet right?

When I’m led into the private dining room, the man waiting for me is most definitely Knot My Match.

Demon Hunter Academy by Traci Lovelot

At the Demon Hunter Academy, a witch's worth comes from her magic and her demon fighting prowess.

But when I lose everything in one day – my family, my arm, and my magic – I also lose all hope of graduating this term.

Three daring men rally behind me: the sensual healer who saves my life, my seductive college classmate, and our tempting professor who helps me reclaim my lost magic.

Their powers complement my own, and I find each one irresistible in his own unique way.

But when the infernal realm claws its way deeper into our world, no one is safe. We must band together if we hope to defeat the next demonic incursion.

Are these three men bold enough to join my coven and stand with me against hell itself?

Sparking Magic by Nika Gray

I don’t know who I am. I don’t know how I got here. All I do know is if I stop running, I will never be free. When I burst from the woods into a rush of headlights and asphalt and open night sky, I think I’ve made it. I’m free. I’m safe. Then blinding energy explodes in front of me and the last thing I see before it all goes dark is a handsome face hovering over mine. Yay me, right? I awake to find myself magicked to a hospital bed with some non-handsome guy telling me my magic is uncontrolled and dangerous. The way they see it, the choice is simple: enroll in their magic academy and learn to manage my power or spend the rest of my life in a cage. And that’s how I land at Protectors Academy, a cut-throat magic boarding school where the heirs of the rich and important rule while they compete for an elite position on the borderlands. So I’m not free, but I am not safe here, either. I’m being followed, a group of mean girls is on my case, and four of the hottest guys on campus don’t know what to do with me. And that’s before I’m attacked and the entire school blames me for burning down my own dorm room. All I want to do is pass their tests and get out of here. But first, I have to survive.